Year 8 – Drawing Fish

As part of the 3D ‘Fabulous Fish’ project, Year 8 pupils were asked to carry out direct observations of real fish (sprats!). After recovering from the initial shock of drawing real fish, pupils were able to appreciate the shape, colour and patterns of these small but beautiful fish.

“The first thing we did look at a sprat before drawing in biro pen. We then had to add the little details such as the eyes, gills and scales. After finishing the detail we had to colour part of the fish with felt pens. We hadn’t had very much experience with felt tip pens so it was quite hard. Mrs Nowell-Hughes showed us how to blend the colour with water and a paintbrush. We really enjoyed it as it was great to have an experience to sketch a live study and captured a glimpse of the many colours and features of the fish. It was interesting to see how the felt pen looked as if it were a watercolour study.”

Written by Bethan Williams and Laith Hafid, Year 8

If you want to have a go yourself, here are some suggestions:

  • Choose any real fish that has interesting colour and pattern (we have used sprats, mackerel and halibut)
  • Draw out basic shape in pencil before working into the shape and detail in biro pen.
  • Sketch out loose lines using a variety of coloured felt pens. Try to render form (follow the contours of the fish)
  • Paint over the work with a watered brush to blend in the felt colours

Sara Nowell-Hughes

Head of Art and Design

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