GCSE Art and Design

The course encourages an adventurous and enquiring approach to Art and Design. Students are required to develop practical artistic skills and also study past and contemporary Art and Design practice.

There is one Coursework Unit produced during the course this is worth 60% of the GCSE grade. This is broken down into projects which are theme based and linked to particular materials and processes (e.g.3D, print, painting and drawing). Themes are chosen which allow for personal investigation, development of ideas and also research into other artists work.

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Assessment Details:

We follow the EDEXCEL Art & design specification

There are no tiers of entry. All students take the same practical exam in April

The Coursework is worth 60% of the overall mark and the Externally Set Assignment (Exam) is 40%

Both Coursework and Exam are internally marked and externally moderated.

We achieve excellent GCSE examination results!

Please have a look at our GCSE work!

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